Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry From Jewelry Manufacturer

Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry

MN8 wholesale gold plated jewelry has been helping retailers to find the perfect gold plated jewelry wholesale with stones to suit their customers' needs for over a decade. We are one of China's leading wholesale jewelry gold plated exporters and wholesalers of high-quality wholesale sterling silver necklaces. e.g. Swarovski Cubic Zirconia gemstone sterling silver pendant wholesale with a growing selection of over 10,000 exquisite designed products to choose from. 


Gold plated jewelry wholesale 

Sterling silver necklaces wholesale is a high-quality choice consisting of 92.5% silver content - which makes them popular amongst jewelry collectors and designers alike. Sterling silver pendant wholesale purchased from MN8 sterling silver manufacturer is durable, timeless metal, and when cared for properly, can last for a long time.


Wholesale by dozen 

We, wholesale gold plated jewelry supplier, allow retailers to benefit from a low minimum order value (Minimum Order Quantity: One Dozen for each size of rings on our on stock items), you can try out our high-quality gold plated jewelry wholesale lots without a large financial commitment, to find the pieces that suit your customers best.  If you can’t find the earrings designs you want on our website, please contact us for more information.